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You see, I ‘cracked the code’ to making money on the Internet several years ago, and since then, I’ve gone on to build 7 entirely different million-dollar businesses.

I even had a $895,249.00 month recently, with my best day coming in at $163,000. (that’s in a SINGLE day)

Have a look and see for yourself:

But what I realized after I became a millionaire for the first time, and started having enough money to do all the things I had always wanted to do, like…
  • Travel to the most exotic destinations in the world
  • Buy my DREAM car (Ferrari 458)
  • Speak at events all over the world
  • Fly my parents out for a religious pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia
...I began to realize that I wanted to do MORE.

That’s when I decided that I wanted to do absolutely everything in my power to see if I could create 100 millionaires and 1000 six-figure earners by the end of 2018…

So how am I going to do that exactly, you ask?

Let me explain…

Most People Don’t Know You Can Easily Become An Internet Millionaire By Leveraging This Brand New Automated Business Model
Before I ‘cracked the code’ to making money online, I struggled a LOT…

When I told my friends and family I was going to figure out how to get rich online, they straight up LAUGHED at me…

But I refused to let that get me down.

I started investing in every home-study course I could find, and even though I was drowning in debt pretty soon after, I was still convinced that I was going to get to the bottom of how to really make money online…

I desperately wanted financial, time, and location FREEDOM for myself, and to be able to live the life of my dreams, instead of slumming it like I had been forced to do for most of life, working construction and other odd jobs…

And guess what?

Pretty soon my study efforts started to pay off…

I went from earning $774 in one month (which was HUGE for me at the time)... bringing in over $107,000 in 30 days.

So what changed?

Well, the truth is I stumbled on a fully automated, highly leveraged, location independent business model that allowed me to generate INSANE amounts of income part-time…

And that’s when I knew I had ‘cracked’ it.

Ever since that moment, my life has continued to get better and better, and I’ve continued to search for ways to have a bigger and bigger impact on the world…

Which brings me back to my mission:

To help YOU (and 99 other committed Action-Takers) become Internet Millionaires!

This Is Your Chance To Take The ‘Millionaire’s Shortcut’ And Skip Over All The Stress, Headaches, And Hassle That Comes With Learning How To Make Money Online
This really is your chance to take the ‘Millionaire’s Shortcut’ and learn the secrets behind what it takes to generate a seven-figure income online…

It’s your chance to get access to ALL the same systems, tools, and traffic sources that my students and I use to generate six, seven, or even eight-figure incomes on the Internet…

If you’re accepted into our program, you’ll get the chance to work with me and be mentored by me personally, and swipe the exact same high-level Internet Marketing strategies and tactics I use to make millions of dollars online each month for yourself…

(I don’t hold ANYTHING back, I promise you)

The truth is this is the kind of thing I wish I had access to back when I was just starting out…

It would have saved me thousands and thousands of dollars, and countless hours of time, not to mention all the stress, headaches, and hassle that came with having to figure all this stuff out on my own…

Alright, now that you know EVERYTHING we’ve got in store for you, you’re probably wondering how this works, right?

Here’s how…

Here’s How The Income Kickstarter Works
Step #1 - You Apply For Your FREE Income Kickstarter
Before we can jump a call with you, you’ll have to apply for your FREE Income Kickstarter by clicking the button below:
Step #2 - You Speak Directly With Me Or One Of My 7-Figure Success Coaches
Once you’ve applied, you’ll take part in a private call with me or one of my 7-figure success coaches, where we’ll get answers to the following questions:
  • Do you have an existing online business?
  •  Do you have a list of subscribers? 
  •  What are the biggest challenges you’re struggling with? 
  •  What does your current sales funnel look like and how does it convert? 
  •  How much are you making per month? 
  •  How much would you like to make per month? 
Once we’ve got a firm understanding of who you are, where you’re at, and what your goals are, we’ll move on the next step, which is…
Step #3 - We Show You How To Implement Our Fully Automated And Highly Leveraged Business Model
With the basic questions answered, then it’s time to focus on teaching you and showing you exactly how to implement our fully automated and highly leveraged internet business model, which is based on three important principles:
  • Building And Deploying A High-Converting Marketing System For Your Business
  • Driving Lots And Lots Of High Quality Traffic To Your Sales Funnel 
  • Scaling Up Your Business To The Seven-Figure Level By Leveraging Done-For-You Services 
This is where I show you, step-by-step, how to take your business from Square 1 all the way to the Seven-Figure mark...
If we feel like you’re a good fit, I’ll invite you to become one of the 1000 six-figure earners and 100 brand new Internet Millionaires I’m on a mission to create by the end of 2018…
If not, you’ll still walk away with a game plan to crush your goals this year...
Because the truth is that many of my students make as much as $20,000 to $50,000 per month using my strategies and systems…

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Before I get into why Income Kickstarter is the closest thing to a success shortcut you'll ever find, I want to tell you a little about my story.

I don't know if you've seen me from an event or magazine, or you've just been on my list for a while that I email practically every single day, for the last 6 years and I've now built one of the most responsive newsletters in this industry with over 137,000 subscribers on my Daily Money Getting Insider's Newsletter...
The truth is, it doesn't matter.

What matters is that you are here and now you have the chance I wish someone gave me when I first got started.

Because I didn't reach success overnight.  

For years I strived to be someone of value to society...

I struggled to find the right opportunity, the right business or system that could make all the difference to my life.

Just like you, I wanted time freedom, money freedom, location freedom. To live a lifestyle of my own choosing.

5 years ago, I made a decision to create freedom in my life; from an old refurbished laptop I found on eBay:
At the time I was slaving away at a dirty construction site, just so I could spend the few dollars I had left on old Warrior Forum courses and eBooks.

But within a short time, I went from earning $774 in a single month to bringing in over $107,000 in 30 days.

By age 25, I created 3 separate million dollar businesses. To this day, my greatest month in sales currently stands at $895,294.00 and my greatest single day in sales was over $163,000.

The truth is, a lot of these results are because we've become the Industry's "GO-TO" for Done For You Services from DFY Traffic, Higher Level Coaching & DFY Funnels That Convert.

Here's what my progress has looked like over the last few years:
I went from $120k to $275k, to $1.2 million, to $2.6 million to $3.5 million dollars, and over $6Million so far this year.

I got here by helping thousands of people get started online. As my mentor Dan Sullivan says it's easier to get to 10x than it is to 2x.

So with this in mind and to help create more success stories than EVER before...

For 2018, I decided to do something MUCH BIGGER.
The $100,000,000 Game Plan
I'm going to make 100 MILLION DOLLARS in the next 3 years.

In order to get there, I'm going to have to help a lot more people succeed.

It's why I decided to help 1,000 people earn six figures and 100 people earn a million dollars by 2018.

I'm doing this by hand-selecting the most serious entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level with my proven traffic and coaching. Each month selecting 100 people to claim their Income Kickstarter.

You see, last year I was bored with my business. 

So I thought of something different to do, which would help MORE people. 

And instead of my usual $30,000 - $50,000 per person consulting events and workshops which I'm not doing many of them anymore these days...  

I came up with an idea, an event, and charged people only $5k per person. 

It was fun, exciting and helped the people who attended.


Then I started getting all these emails from people who were pissed off!

They were angry they couldn't get into the small group...

So I ran another event, and invited all my friends, mentors and the guys who inspired me and hosted the "Traffic Millionaires Summit" and charged up to $1,297 per person.

Now we had an even bigger group, Mike Dillard, Andre Chaperon, Carlos & Lupe Garcia, Tom Beal & Mr. X *$250k Per Day On FB* were the select-speakers for my attendees....

...and again, the event sold out FAST.
I Quickly Realised...
The fastest way to create life changing results is by getting close to people who already have them.

It's the secret. Being inside an Inner Circle.  

That's why you're reading this time sensitive page. 

Out of hundreds of Income Kickstarter sessions, I'm going to pick a handful to join me on my mission.
Here's What Some of My Clients, Partners & Students Have To Say:

Here's what Paul Lynch says:

"I Follow Shaq man, I've joined him in Empower Network and in MOBE, I see what he does, and whatever he does, I make sure to join him and piggy back off him... 

And now he's helped me make over 2 MILLION Dollars! 

Shaqir, you the man buddy!"
[True Story] Ex-Corporate Slave From India Banks Over $180,000 Since Finding Me Online...

Update : He's now done over $15,000,000 in commissions)
Ex-Engineer Turned Internet Marketer Makes Over $523,389.00 With Me In  Just 18 Months - FROM SCRATCH (Her 2 last "webinars crafted by me, pulled in over $152,000 and over $53,000)
[INSPIRING] 65-Year Old "Grandma" Makes 5-Figures 
In 30 Days - Less Than A Year Working With Me
Are You Ready For Me To Make YOU An Internet Millionaire By The End Of 2018?
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If you’ve ever dreamed of getting rich, traveling the world, and living a lifestyle of complete and utter financial freedom…

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Become one of the next 100 Action-Takers I choose to receive a FREE Income Kickstarter so I can make you one of the 100 brand NEW Internet Millionaires I create by the end of 2018…
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